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Fruit is our passion

SINCE 1988

Fruit is our passion That's why our snacks are pure pleasure, 100% natural and made from the best apples from the Val di Non. Internationally-certified production processes make our fruit snacks healthy and delicious, ideal for any occasion.
We're AD Chini and we're based in Val di Non, in the green heart of Trentino. We've been specialists in fruit snacks since 1988! Specifically, we turn Trentino apples and other high-quality fruit into mousses and fruit-only or fruit and cereal bars to enjoy at any time of day. Our products are delicious, natural, rich in fibre and free from preservatives and added sugar, perfect for a healthy diet and suitable for all ages.
This is who we are, and this is our mission: to use the goodness and healthy properties of fruit to give moments of pure, exquisite natural pleasure.

 guaranteed traceability

guaranteed traceability

We offer natural products through a production chain that's entirely traceable and closely tied to an excellent production area like Val di Non.

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100% organic

100% organic

Ethical and environmental concerns are very dear to our heart, and this is why we operate a sustainable production model: above all, organic ingredients certified for quality

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 superior quality

superior quality

Only the very best fruit is turned into our 100% natural snacks: Melinda apples from Val di Non and selected high-quality fruit! Our production and distribution model focuses on the full retention of our products' unique characteristics!

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100% healthy nourishment

100% healthy nourishment

Looking for a snack that's tasty, healthy and ready for any occasion? The quality of raw materials, certified production methods that retain the beneficial properties of the fruit, packaging that keeps the product intact: all point to AD Chini!

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The snack for any occasion

A snack that's tasty, good for you, 100% natural and safe, perfect for those who care about their figure but won't sacrifice flavour, ideal for athletes and anyone who loves fruit! Our bars are made of dehydrated apple and concentrated apple juice, free from preservatives and added sugars and gluten-free, since apples are naturally gluten-free! And if you're looking for maximum naturalness, there's the version made with organic apples; in fact, it's a snack to suit everyone! Thanks to our special certified production process, our bars are super-practical: take them everywhere! Ideal for work, school, sport or in the park as a snack for adults and children alike! Our bars are environment-friendly, with 100% recyclable packaging


The fruit that's fun

Healthy, tasty, 100% natural and safe, perfect for anyone who cares about their figure but won't sacrifice taste, ideal for those who love healthy food, and great for kids too! Our dried organic Golden Delicious apple chips, without skin and seeds, are a classic product at AD Chini, born of the traditional "Persecca" sun-dried apples. The distinctive round slices or sticks and the slow drying at low temperature are what make these crispy apple snacks so delicious. The fruit turns into a food that's packed with fibre and free from preservatives, thickeners and added sugars: just slices of top-quality Trentino apples packed in handy single-portion bags, to take anywhere! Ideal for work, school, sport or in the park as a snack for adults and children alike, in a 100% recyclable pack!


100% organic products

We're well aware of the importance of relying on a snack that's healthy, tasty, natural and safe! Here at AD Chini we understand a family's needs and we meet them in full: with our organic line of products, ideal for those who prefer a natural diet with pure fruit and attention to the needs of children, made only with organic Golden Delicious apples and high quality organic fruit. Thanks to our special certified process for organic products, our Organic Mousse is really practical and can be taken anywhere, in 100 g single-portion packs! Ideal for work, school, sport or in the park as a snack for adults and children alike! A product that puts quality, nature and safety at centre stage.



Visit our shop and choose your favourite fruity snacks! You'll find mousses, bars of fruit or fruit with cereal: so much 100% natural flavour and certified quality. Flavours to enjoy at any time of day, rich in fibre, free from preservatives and added sugars, ideal for a healthy diet and suitable for all ages!

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