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Since 1988, AD Chini have been a source of excellence in Val di Non in the heart of Trentino, producing fruit snacks which are delicious, 100% natural and certified to the highest standards. The Chini family have always offered families maximum quality and food safety.


A story of fruit and passion

AD Chini, naturally since 1988

Our firm is based in the town of Cles in Val di Non, the land of Melinda apples. The firm was founded in 1988 by Danilo Chini, whose mission was to turn fruit into snacks that were delicious, healthy and genuine, 100% natural, light and suitable for everyone at any time. Since then the Chini family have continued their work with passion and great attention to the quality of raw materials and the certification of their production and distribution systems. The journey began in 1988 with the traditional “persecche” dried apples, then the addition of fruit mousses in 1998, Melinda apple mousses in 2004 and 100% fruit and fruit and cereal bars in 2008!
Finally, in 2012, a refurbished image and philosophy led us to launch the brand CHINI-WE LOVE FRUIT! , symbolising even greater attention to the quality of our fruit, the excellence of our products and the needs of our customers!
So that we can say with great satisfaction: AD Chini, passionate about fruit snacks for thirty years.

We have been working with fruit for 30 years